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School management Solution
School management Solution

The greatest time we all might have ever spent is at school. It is the ultimate place where one learns it all. Friends, studies, teacher's, exams all these makes one feel vulnerable at time, yet schooling days are the best days one can ever agree. Whatsoever regulatory all pupils, educators, workers, developments, systems and processes requires a flawless school management solution that can make such schools a well-co-ordinated, picture perfect place. Every school must have a central management solution that helps everyone and especially it should help the school management to run the school efficiently. Such an outstanding system can be provided by a leading solution provider.

Why to Choose Raddyx :

  • Management of schools commercial procedures

  • Management of school administration

  • Automating registration/admission

  • Preparation of study programme and lesson assemblies

  • Student information well-managed

  • Everyone's attendance registered including teachers too

  • Generation of time table mechanically and examination process

  • Management of library

  • Analysing class-wise performance

  • Grade maintenance

Our integrated solutions are meant for schools, various institutions, colleges, universities, training centers, and online schools, e-governance, seminary, etc. The novelty of this package is that it controls an education system without disturbing the atmosphere or wasting the money or man power.

Many of the salient structures of our School Management System are as follows

  • User-friendly interface

  • Augmented for customization

  • Comprehensively secure and reliable

  • Supple with innovative features

  • Constant support

  • Wide range of features

  • Multiple dialectal backing

  • Mobile variety

Our incomparable, all-inclusive and cooperating platform has been a revolutionary for all the bodies of institutes such as faculties, administration, pupils, parentages and librarian etc. For more information simply mail us at Email: info@raddyx.com, Phone: 0674-2588850. One thing is for sure as we are a comprehensive & ultimate firm in offering the latest technology via school management solution.

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