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Achieve deeper vision into your assets portfolio and augment progressions during the course of life. In fact, real estate business is a diversified trade that requires outstanding management of meetings, events, development and transactions. That's why administration of real estate calls for a comprehend solution. Keeping the requirement in mind Raddyx Technologies offers integrated Real-estate management solution that is very much functional and a key answer to managing it all. From purchasing, selling, leasing and renting, this dynamic solution provides in-depth assistance for greater business graph. The solution offers an extensive grasp on budgets, projects, extensive reporting on daily property transactions and keeping in touch with contractors, buyers at a flexible mode.

Raddyx Real-estate management solution comprises of-

  • Rent and space management- Regulate and systematize repetitive lease management events - increase in rent, renewals, termination of renewal and episodic placements - to save both effort and time. Speed up leasing procedures and raise tenancy and tenant retention rates and their associated revenues.

  • Comprehensive overall management- Comprehensive solution that offers overall management of legal regulations operational efficiency, generating reliable data as well as property repair and maintenance. Perform and regulate procedures, such as management of lease, Transaction and renovation process, Judicial agreement and budgets, Tab on investment procedure, etc. Forecast of profits and expenses of your real estate, recognise cost saving prospects and management of company's policy.

  • Property specifications- From property images to price, detail of locality, mapping system to client interaction to client as well as client service, etc.

Go ahead and get the Real-estate management solution from Raddyx Technologies to make your property business successful yet effortless with clarity in your portfolio, a united provision of all real estate procedures and confirms dependable administration and diverse related information's. Calculated procedures like management of portfolios, Premeditated Space Planning, with intensive management of project are also available with the management solution. This whole solution offers a dimension to procedures like graphical strategy sheets, automatic notifications; development planning and tracking of history make it effortless to use and its quite valuable for all shareholders and end-users.

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