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eCommerce Solution

Finding a reliable platform for online transaction has given birth to the concept of eCommerce solution. There is a horde of firms who boast of developing the finest eCommerce strategy for its clients. However, Raddyx Technologies offers its authentic yet customised, market based transaction to help its client transform its unexpected clients into trustworthy ones. We also offer varied currency platform for global clients, stress-free shipping, smooth and uncluttered return method. Our designed eCommerce thrive your business in the first lane of online trade. We interpret this service with methodical software creates a professional platform of transaction that is both welcomed by clients and the owner. Secure payment structures with verified signature format creates a sense of reliability that is quintessential for every trade. Requirement of this service is vital for every transacting websites and it's a soothing facility for clients who shop online from the very comfort of their home. The online world is enthralled by the inclusion of flexible eCommerce. Raddyx Technology deeply believes in the business generating capacity of this solution and accordingly it enhances diverse websites transaction procedure. Our E-Shop designs are invariably the finest to run diverse eCommerce website. With dynamic content and supreme control in your hand can you ask for anything else? Our comprehensively well-packaged software offers you a reliable assistance in the field of merchandise management, sales, promotions and not to forget analytics. Be a hero of online sale with robust service from us. We create services that speak highly of a trademark.

eCommerce Solution

Things we deliver

We labour using a variability of programming languages and applications to develop the finest eCommerce platform right for you. Our solutions are technically sharp to guarantee client's satisfaction with amazing online shopping experience. Our designs are aesthetic especially developed to make client's feel at ease to shop. Good programming and open source solution often give birth to exceptional eCommerce site.

  • Shopping cart structureEveryday people visit online to buy products and such action requires a good shopping cart structure. One can count his total products that he opts to buy online with the shopping cart as it holds your product for you and a comprehensive billing gets calculated with products on the cart.

  • Integrated payment structure- The most vital part of an eCommerce is its payment structure. Hence, we develop an integrated payment system to provide a relaxed atmosphere for the client.

  • Payment via diverse credit card- Now every product doesn't hold a COD or cash on delivery option and clients don't wait for a thing to arrive. Therefore, we prepare a credit card payment option that gives one the opportunity to pay online without bothering to wait for a payment.

  • Easy procedure for comprehensive online shopping- When we say comprehensive shopping it means all the aspects covered right from choosing a merchandise to buying it , billing it, getting it delivered and even return policy.

  • Custom service for enhancement in online shopping- As they say every two person aren't alike. Similarly, two eCommerce websites can't be the same. Therefore, we have the customized section where an eCommerce platform is completely developed according to his wish more than technical saying of the developers. Often a customized website attracts more traffic and it enhances the level of online shopping.

  • Open source solution- We also offer open source solution like Open cart, Woo Commerce, Magento and Zen cart that certainly assist in making the website a memorable one both for the developing firm as well as for the client.

Why choose Raddyx

  • We are one hundred percent devoted to our work and our results are spell binding for the world to see.

  • Our service is cost-effective, dynamic and we bring out essence into the finest e-shop online.

  • Our developers are diligent and they always deliver project on-time.

  • We stand by our clients no matter how big or small he or she is.

  • We guarantee success at every step, so rely on us.

We offer the superlative eCommerce service that augments your triumphs, save you from losses, enrich customer interaction, and intensifies profits globally. So, call us today.

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