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Every business requires structured information whether it's online or offline trade. However, online business fraternity requires factual directory as well as classified service that augments the business growth. Basically directory is a book or website register having persons or establishments alphabetically present where name, phone number and address is theme wise in scripted. Raddyx Technologies focuses in enterprising directory & Classifieds Website solution to deliver an efficacious operational platform for numerous business requirements. From small to large every single business gets proper and adequate visibility. This very visibility helps customers to search effectively from the structured directory. In short, we may say a directory website allows site visitors to explore through a assembly of profiles or items to constricted their search to the most proper outcome. Such amazing directory offers proper information about various firms, its services and solution.

Raddyx Specialises in Constructing Directory and Classified Websites

Raddyx Technology is universal frontrunner in development, designing and construction of Directory based websites with all-encompassing knowledge in generating operative and cost effective elucidations. Hence, if you are planning to own a Directory based site we would love to have a conversation with you about how we can help.

How our directory solution & classifieds can assist your trade to develop

  • Flexible- A directory always requires being flexible, up to the mark with latest and updated information. Raddyx Technology offers in built technology that is flexible with all browsers and presents clients with optimum results too.

  • Budget effective- Intricate directory always requires many designs that are pretty expensive. However, Raddyx Technologies offers budget effective package for its clients.

  • Cool to modernize- Each of our Directory sites come with confirmed and fruitful content management system (CMS). Whether you are updating you're listing part or any other section of website, you will have comprehensive regulation over the content.

  • Search engine responsive- We build directory in such a fashion that from your directory listing to home page everything ranks well in Google. Our Directory websites easily assimilate with Ad Words conversion tracking Google analytics, and Google webmaster tools.

  • Fee gateway- We create a directory site that at times requires users to create their own profiles in exchange for a fee. Therefore, we make these sites integrated with diverse payment gateways.

Online classified has become the seamless elucidation for huge and small scale firms to acquire additional info from the client, discover about their merchandises, facilities or other solutions. Well what Raddyx does is to create classifieds that attracts millions of visitors and in turn it provides admission to substantial additional revenue that streams through e-commerce and real-time credit card handling competences, as well as a built-in provision for your advertising campaigns on third party resources like Google ad Sense. Now you can also construct your own brand on classifieds site with innovative Classifieds. Our object is to cultivate the finest solutions for you to that meet your needs for global platform for procurement, vending and consolidating economic pointers.

Hence, Raddyx Technology always offers its supreme service in directory and classified website solution for every single firm that opts for a unique directory and classified service to enhance its own business.

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